Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites

Yaaay!! October is finally over!! 

November is my favorite month of all! So I'm very happy that October has come to an end. 

Anyways, this post is kind of long, so let's start! :)

*quick warning: 
I have a LOT of hair products to show this month, so these are mainly hair related things.

N U M B E R   O N E

CONAIR instant heat 1½" Curling Iron

I bought this almost a year ago and didn't use it that often, but for some reason, I've used this almost everyday this month! I don't use the clamp, I just wrap pieces of hair around it, because I like the results better. It gives you more wavy/natural looking curls that if you would use it with the clamp.  I would like to find a curling iron with a 2" barrel, but the ones I've seen are too expensive! But in the meantime, this one is amazing!! (and I think it's only CA$19.99!!)

N U M B E R   T W O

Göt 2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm (heat protector)

I know a lot of people use and love the tresSemme heat protector, but I personally hate that one! It doesn't protect my hair in any way, and it lefts the tips looking and feeling like hay..which isn't pretty at all! This one however, actually wraps around my hair and you can actually feel it on the hair, but when you either straighten or curl the hair, the texture of the spray disappears. I've noticed that my hair doesn't break as much as if I either use the tresSemme one or no heat protector at all. I really do recommend this and it's only around CA$4.00! (I actually pay CA$3.94 at Wal-Mart, to be specific). I use this everytime I curl or straighten my hair and this is my 3rd bottle ever since I discovered it a year ago.

N U M B E R   T H R E E

L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray (Extra Strong Hold version)

I reeeeally like everything about this hairspray, apart from its fragrance! It smells soooo bad!! But, if you spray some fragrance mist after the hairspray has dried, that problem is fixed! Also, I'm pretty sure this comes in an unscented version! But apart from that, it's an amazing drugstore hair product! It doesn't leave your hair sticky and stiff, your hair will stay put aaaalll day, and, as specified on the bottle, it "disappears at the stroke of a brush", which is actually a plus side for me because if you've sprayed all of your hair and you find a curl that doesn't look as good as the rest, you can just brush it out, and restart. You don't have to wash that strand of hair, dry it, and all that jazz! (something I've had to do more than once before finding this hairspray, but I'm sure this is an uncommon problem! haha) It is a bit expensive for drugstore hairspray, but where I live, it's always on sale, so that's not a problem for me, but if it rarely comes on sale where you live, I still recommend it!!

N U M B E R   F O U R 

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum

As you can tell from the picture, this bottle is empty! I'm sooo sad D: !! I've had this product for almost 4 years now! I used it every time I washed my hair and whenever my hair needed a bit more shine, and it lasted that long!! The reason being is that a little goes a looong way! If you put too much of this product, your hair will look you really don't need a lot, not even a whole pump of it! The Super Skinny Serum is, however, expensive. I paid CA$21.95 4 years ago..I don't know if it's the same price, cheaper, or more expensive now, but whatever the price may be, it's TOTALLY worth it!!

N U M B E R   F I V E

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

This oil is a miracle!! I use this on my face every night and I looove it! It smells..different, but you get used to it and it's not a gross smell either. I bought this because the skin around my nose was just horrible and would always get super red! Even makeup couldn't cover it up for a whole day!! I bought this because it was only CA$9.98 and because it said it helped with uneven skin tone and was formulated for dry skin (which I have). About two days after starting to use this, I could already see a difference in the redness of my skin!! Plus, I used to have those annoying little bumps under my eye area and they are now completely gone!! I put this all over my face and it makes my skin super soft. I recommend this to every single person in the world who suffers from dry skin!

N U M B E R   S I X 

Burberry Brit Sheer Eau De Toilette

Alright, this is kind of a funny story. Last spring, around my birthday, I was looking on the Sephora website for Burberry perfumes. I then found this Burberry Brit Sheer Gift Set that was only CA$10.00!!! I couldn't believe it and bought it in a snap of a finger! I then went back to look at it after I had purchased it and the price said CA$106.00! I was shocked, and went back to look at my receipt  but it had only charged me CA$10.00 for it!! So, I think Sephora made a mistake, but I'm not complaining!!! Haha! But anyways, I looove the smell of this! It's definitely a floral smell, but it has this musky undertone to it that makes it more ladylike and less girly girl! It's absolutely perfect!!

N U M B E R   S E V E N 

Sorry about the wrinkles!! I wore it yesterday..teehee
closeup of the sequins! ^^

H&M Sequined Peter Pan Collared Sweater

OMG!!! This is the most amazing shirt in the entire woooorld!! I've never had a shirt that I like this much!! You know when you were younger and watched cartoons, the charatchers always wore the same outfit! Well, if I was a cartoon, this would be that shirt! Hahah, I'm seriously in loveee!! If you have an H&M store near you, GO GET THIS SHIRT!! It's only CA$14.95!! I couldn't believe it!! I was ready to pay like, $40 for it! I swear! I didn't even look at the price until I got to the dressing room and the tag was peeking out! That was one of the happiest moment of my life! Hahaha! I will definitely make an OOTD soon, featuring this shirt! :)

N U M B E R   E I G H T 

Maybelline The Colossal Volum" Express Cat Eyes Mascara

I really like this mascara! It doesn't really create a cat eye effect on my lashes, because they're very weirdly shaped, but I love that it gives length and volume to my lashes. I don't use this alone, but it's great when you pair it with a volumizing mascara, such as Voluminous Million Lashes from L'Oréal or The Falsies by Maybelline. I'm pretty sure that it would give my lashes a cat eye effect if they were like normal lashes, but, you can never be perfect right?! Haha. My lashes are longest in the middle, and get smaller in the inner and outer corner, so this might be why this mascara doesn't work the way it is supposed to on my lashes!

N U M B E R   N I N E

I've been using this every morning and night on my lips and they are sooo smooth! If you missed my DIY lip scrub post, click on the link above! :) It's a cheaper alternative to the Lush lip scrubs! :)

N U M B E R   T E N

E.L.F Professional Blending Eye Brush

I've been loooving this brush this past month! It's great for blending shadows (duuh), but I also use it to apply my eyeshadows. I like that it "dispenses" just the right amount of product to the eyes! It's great!! And, it's only CA$1.00!!

As for my favorite nail polish of the month, with no surprise, it's still OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest! I'm just soooo in love with it, and I wore it 3/4 weeks this month (this past week, I painted my nails with Essie's Skirting The Issue [a blood red color that I might do a NOTD with soon] because it was Halloween and I wanted a change). 

Also, my favorite movie this month was Red Riding Hood! (The one with Amanda Seyfried). I watched it like, 4 times! Haha, I loove that movie even though the effects and the acting aren't the greatest! It's so cute and lovely and just awesome in general! If you haven't watched it yet, you should!!

And that's pretty much it! I haven't tried a whole lot of beauty products this month, but I recently bought a few and I'm planning on going to Sephora when I get my pay! Haha (I didn't find a job, I just replaced my sister's friend one night at my sister's job, so I made a few bucks! Haha)

As always, thanks for everything!!! I love you all :)

xox, myr <3


  1. Ooh might have to try out the skin oil! I have the same problems as you do :( Loving the pretty top too xx

    1. you definitely should! It's life changing! haha! And thank you ^^

  2. deffinitly think i'll have to buy the skin therapy oil, my skin sounds similar to yours so hopefully it will help. i'm also going to check out your homemade lip scrub because i really suffer with my lips! *new follower*

    1. it's definitely worth getting! It works wonders!! and thanks for following!!! <33

  3. Liking the sound of the Palmer's oil! :) xo

    1. yeah, i didn't know it would attract so many people's attention! haha!