Sunday, November 11, 2012

"A Little Bit Of Everything" Haul

Heeey, I'm baaack!!

I'm so sorry about the past few weeks..I wasn't posting as much "fun" stuff as usual because of some problems I had and had to deal with some things, but I'm allllll better now and ready to get back on track with my blog!

I've missed posting on here and so I felt like a nice collective haul would be perfect! Haha

I have 2 thrifted pieces, some [amaaazing] jeans that weren't thrifted, makeup, a new phone, and a nail polish! I obviously didn't buy all of this at once, but I decided to wait until I got more stuff to post one big haul! Anyways, I'll get started now!

**All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS**



I looove this shirt! I don't wear it buttoned up because my chest area is too big..i'm not saying I have big breasts, at all! just thant it's a size extra small and I'm usually a small! Hahaha!


This shirt was brand new! It had the tag on it and the size sticker! I LOVE superheros if you didn't know that already, I'm kiiind of nerdy, so I was amazed when I saw this!!

A M E R I C A N    E A G L E

On sale for $29.99 (used to be $59.99!!)

I'm in looove with these!! They have that "wet" or leathery look to them, but in reality they're just shiny. They're amazing and hugs your legs and booty soo well!! Haha, that might have been tmi, but you know what I mean!



Yaaay!!!!! IPhone 4S!! Haha, I'm not gonna say how much I paid because I had to upgrade from my [crappy] blackberry, and that was kiiind of expensive, but I paid myself, so it's not like I'm suuuper spoiled and that my parents paid for it or anything! Buut I'm soooo happy I upgraded! Iphones are waaaay better than blackberries!! JS! I also got a shiny pink case, know! It was pink and sparkly, and I can't resist pink and sparkly things! Gaaah!

M A K E U P / B E A U T Y / N A I L S


I never really got into the "fill in your eyebrows" look, but lately I've been wanting to try it! I just bought this today so I'm not sure if I like it, but if I do I'll surely include it in my November favorites or maybe a review. 


Again, I bought this for my brows, but I tried it and it's too dark, so I might just use it for eyeliner. And even if I don't like it for that purpose, it was only $1.99 so I don't really care.


I LOOOOOOVE THIS!! I bought it because I always wear a bronzy color on my lower lashline, but I used to use eyeshadows, so I figured I would try this when I saw it. And it's great!! The texture is not the absolute best, but for $1.99, I'd say it's amazing!! And it's pretty pigmented!

I'm not sure how much I spent on this but it was not more than $9.00

I actually don't recommend this, it smudges throughout the day, so if you want a nice gel liner, I'd recommend splurging to get one with longer lasting powers!

Swatches of the eyeliners:
(From top to bottom) : Maybelline Gel Liner, Wet N' Wild Coloricon eyeliner in Copper, NYC Kohl eye and brow liner in Taupe

(Instagram photo..[my username is myrbear], you should follow me! ;) haha!)


Alright, so I thought these were only sold in the United States, buuut, I found them at my local drugstore and I HAD to get it!! It was the only one left, so I got really lucky! They all smell sooo nice but my favorite is the vanilla one! Soooo good!


This is a really nice blood red color if you apply 1 coat, but it's buildable to an oxblood type of color! GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW IT'S AMAZING!!!!

Aaaalright! I'm done now! Haha! Apart from the Maybelline eyeliner, I recommend everything included in this haul! Well, for the thrifted things, I recommend you go thrifting! Hahaha!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I promise I'll post more!!!

Thanks for reading/following/commenting! Keep the love coming! <33

xox, myr <3 ^^


  1. The Wet n Wild eyeliner is super pretty! Love the American Eagle pants as well :)

    1. I know!! They're probably my 2 favorite things from the haul, because they're shiny of course! Haha ^^

  2. I have the nyx brow powder and its lasted me ages around a year now. I love the stuff never filled my eyebrows in before it.
    Also love the wonderwoman tee so cute x

    1. Thank you so much! ^^ and that's good to hear that it lasts so long! :)

  3. great haul, iphone 4s!!! - oa

    1. thank you so much!!^^ and yaay!! haha :)

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