Friday, October 26, 2012

The New And Improved Myrberry! :)

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the new look! :)

Alright, so as you can probably tell from the image above, I also have new goals for this blog!

F I R S T L Y ,
I really want to start getting more creative with my posts! I feel like my latest post (Last Minute Halloween Costume) was waay more creative than any of my other posts, and I want to start making more fashion posts that allow me to show the world my style :)

S E C O N D L Y ,
I'd like to get to 100 followers by the end of 2012. Which gives me..let's calculate this.....65 days! (I used an online countdown..heh.) I know that it's kind of weird to admit this in a post and kind of makes me sound demanding, but I'm only writing this down to motivate myself! I want to make better posts to get an even better response (which is already sooo amazing!! I love everyone!!!! thanks x 1000000000). I just always want to set the bar higher!

T H I R D L Y ,
If I do get to 100 followers by the end of this year, I want to have a giveaway!!! I've been meaning to announce this when I had like..15 followers, but now that I have a bit more than half of my goal, I feel like it's more of a right time to tell you guys this. I don't have any prizes bought or anything yet and haven't decided the rules and everything like that, but don't worry, when I get to 100 followers, you'll know when the giveaway will take place! ^^ haha!

A N D   L A S T L Y   ,
I need to have more confidence in myself! I know this doesn't have much to do with my blog, but it's something that's really important to me! Lately, I've been feeling so low about myself, and I always set my goals on a lower level..and I'm a dreamer guys! It's really not like me..sooo, I'm going to start a challenge! (PS. REALLY TACKY CONTENT AHEAD!!) I've read about this online and always found this so cheesy/tacky/corny (however you say it..I prefer cheesy cuz I like cheese! haha.) However, I now feel like I need to try this, and I'm challenging you too!! :) :

Write down one thing you like about yourself everyday for a month!
It can be anything! 
Even something you're proud of!
This does not have a goal to be completely self-absorbed and braggy or anything like that! It's just to help your self-esteem grow a little bit more everyday!

I might do a post on this after I've completed the challenge :) We'll have to see! 

But anyways, I feel like I wrote A LOT! So, sorry about that!! haha

Let me know if you like this look better than the old one and if you're going to try out the challenge :)

Thanks to everyone who supports me!! I wish I could give everyone hugs and yell "FREE HUGS!!!" haha (bucket list!!!)

xox, myr <3


  1. I love this post...I am determined to help you so I'm your new follower and I have a shirt which says free hugs so when you do go out yelling it, invite me along I already have the costume for it!

    1. thank you sooo much!!! ^^ <3 haha, I wish I had a shirt that said free hugs!! but yes, we shall go on a free hugs spree! hahaha

  2. Loving the new look! Very smart :)
    I might do that 'write down one thing every day for a month' thing too, it would be cool to look at it after a month :)

    Also, FREE HUGS! *hugs you*

    I've tagged you to do The Blogger Tag, find out more about it here:

    1. yaay!! thank you so much!! and lol, I haven't even started that yet because I always forget, but I might start on thursday because it's the start of a new month..i don't know if that makes sense..haha!

      hahaha, and thanks again so much for tagging me!! ^^ <3