Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY: Lip Scrub

Happy Sunday everyone! 
Or Monday if you only see this tomorrow, or happy whatever day it is when you read this! Hhaha.

For this post, I decided to do something more creative and something that would be fun. Sooo, I decided to share with you guys my own recipe of lip scrub :)

Last year, I really wanted to buy lip scrub off of the Lush website since I don't have a Lush store near me. But the shipping was pretty expensive so I didn't feel like spending $20 for lip scrub. Instead, I read what the ingredients were: Sugar, vanilla extract, flavor, and some things I knew I wouldn't find anywhere where I live. So I just improvised and it worked! I promise it is really simple and you probably have all the ingredients already in your bathroom and kitchen!

I first made this last Spring season, so it was getting gross and the vanilla had completely separated itself from the other ingredients. Since it was so gross, I decided to make a new one and show you guys how to make it.

So let's get started! 

W H A T  Y O U ' L L  N E E D  :

-Vanilla Extract (1/2 -1 tsp.)
-Vaseline (2 tsp.)
-Brown Sugar (2-3 tbsp.)
-An Empty Pot or Container (Cleaned)
-A Bowl (to mix everything in)
-A Fork
-A Tablespoon
-A Teaspoon

-Flavor (I used 2 tsp. of french vanilla capuccino powder)

 This is edible!! The Vaseline will stay on your lips so you'll only lick the sugar off :)

S T E P  O N E

Put 2 teaspoons of Vaseline in a bowl.

S T E P  T W O

Start by adding half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the Vaseline. If you need more later on when you've mixed everything, you can add another half teaspoon of it, but just in case, start with only one half of a teaspoon.

S T E P  T H R E E

Adding only one tablespoon of brown sugar at the time, mix everything well with a fork. Don't add the three tablespoons at once, it may be harder to mix together. 

After adding one tablespoon of brown sugar to half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one teaspoon of Vaseline. (I had only put 1 tsp. of Vaseline at first because I didn't know for sure how much to put in but you definitely need 2!)

S T E P  F O U R 
( o p t i o n a l )

Add 2 teaspoons of flavor. Again, I am using some french vanilla cappuccino powder but you could skip this step. The first time I tried this lip scrub, I only put vanilla extract and sugar and it tasted fine, but if you want yours to be a bit more tasty, I really recommend using some sort of flavored coffee/cappuccino powder. You could also try a small amount of crystal light powder if you don't like the taste of coffee. I really like it more with coffee powder!!

S T E P  F I V E

Mix everything together and make sure the vanilla extract is 100% blended into the mixture! Then, with the teaspoon or with the fork, transfer the mixture from the mixing bowl to the empty container or pot. (I used an empty pot of primer I used up.)

In case you don't know how to apply this, here are some

D I R E C T I O N S :

With your finger, apply a small amount of lip scrub to the lips. Make sure you scrub it evenly on the lips with your finger. Once the mixture is evenly distributed to both lips, rub your lips together to remove all the dead skin of yours dried/chapped lips. (You can even use this if you don't have chapped lips just to make lipstick go on more evenly and smoothly.) Then, lick it off. Like I said in the beginning , the Vaseline will stay on your lips so you don't have to worry about eating Vaseline! That would be kind of gross wouldn't it? Hahah! I promise you will only taste the sugar, vanilla extract and coffee (if applicable).

Alrighty, that's all for today!

I hope you enjoyed this very simple lip scrub recipe! I've been using this for 6 months now and it makes such a difference to your lips! It's amazing! Plus, you probably already had all these ingredients so for most people, it's completely free! So if for any reason you don't like it, at least you didn't spend money on it!

As always, thanks to everyone who reads/comment/follow!! I love every single one of you sososo much!!

xox, myr <3


  1. I think I love you for sharing how to make this!!i have a day off uni & this little recipe is going to be keepin me entertained <3 hooray for homemade beauty products xx

    1. haha! aaw, thank you so much!! i hope you liked it if you tried it!! :)

  2. Wow this is genius! Have to give it a try :) thank you for sharing <3

  3. Wow this is actually amazing! I was in Lush the other day and thought to myself surely this is fairly easy to make...and voila...youve done it! So cool! Il definitely try this soon. I think il add a chai powder to make it taste yummy :P
    Thanks for the great idea!
    xx Kate

    1. hahaha, thank you so much for the lovely comment!! :)